Ultra fast charging terminals PULSE 150 & PULSE 300

Innovative and compact in relation to its power, The ultra fast terminal PULSE exists in 150 kW and 300 kW versions. This new generation of  charging terminal enables electric vehicles to be recharged in just a few minutes and supports the development of electric mobility. This charging terminal model allows up to four vehicles to be recharged simultaneously in direct current (DC) and is compatible with all types of fast charging (Combo, CHAdeMo, GBT and AC). 

With the Pulse 150 and Pulse 300, LAFON offers an ultra-efficient and fast installation solution because the charging terminals are made of 75 kW power modules that can be added up to 300 kW. Maintenance is easy thanks to the integrated power modules. It also meets the regulatory and normative requirements. Secure, compact and upgradeable, they adapt to the changes in the electric mobility market and meet the requirements of car manufacturers.

  • Ultra fast DC 75-300kW charge
  • DC charges up to 4 vehicles simultaneously
  • Scalable total power (with additional power module on rack)
  • Easy and fast maintenance of power modules
  • Ultra compact design
  • Compatible with all types of vehicle

  • Self serve or identification by RFID badge
  • AC type 2 charge
  • Bank card payment solutions
  • Payment module
  • Customization of housing

PULSE 150 & PULSE 300


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Lafon is a French manufacturing company, part of the Madic Group, and leader in downstream petroleum equipment that offers fuel storage, distribution and management systems. As part of its commitment in sustainable development, LAFON develops innovative products that respect both man and his environment. During the last 4 years, LAFON has diversified and now offers a complete system for charging electric vehicles: PULSE.



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